Fire prevention and extinguishing
Bog'Art Building Management

Fire prevention and extinguishing

Our main goal is the safety of the customer and the property. This service is dedicated to the design and construction of economical fire sprinkler systems for the protection of residential and commercial buildings. Fire protection begins with ensuring that the fire extinguishers are in place and ready for use.

Our company has a Notice for the establishment of SPSU top P1, issued by ISU Bucharest / Ilfov and we provide private services for emergency situations (SPSU), integrated with other types of services in our portfolio.

Private Emergency Services are specialized structures, other than those belonging to the professional emergency services (ISU), organized with employed personnel, in order to defend life, public and / or private property against fires and other calamities, in the sectors established by the ISU opinion.

Private Services for Emergency Situations are established, according to OMAI 75/2019, within economic operators and public institutions, as their own services, respectively as commercial companies providing services.

We provide:

  • reducing potential fire risks, preventing and extinguishing fires;
  • efficient execution of fire safety missions and operations;
  • correlation of the technical performances of the intervention equipment with the specificity and degree of risk of the emergency situation;
  • compliance with the requirements set out in the rules for the prevention and extinguishing of fires, applicable to administrative, industrial, commercial or any other nature;
  • monitoring fire safety systems and installations;
  • specialized personnel for monitoring throughout the work schedule of the objective and intervention in case of fire (servant firefighter, prevention specialist, head of SPSU, head of training);
  • intervention in case of fire by specialized teams;
  • coordination of alarm and evacuation exercises in case of fire;
  • Monthly inspections: inspection of the unit, cleaning, verification, as well as the provision of inspection documentation;
  • Annual maintenance: an inspection of each of your fire extinguishers is often required by local authorities;
  • Fire alarm monitoring: transmission speed;
  • Emergency and exit lights: Operational emergency lights and exit signs are essential during a power failure or emergency.


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Specialized teams

The health and safety of customers has been our priority for over 20 years. We have a national covered logistics network with specialized intervention teams, which allows a fast action time to any customer request and ensures the timely remediation of the reported deficiencies.

Dispatching services

Flexible to suit your schedule and needs.
We offer a full range of services, adapted to your business and we provide dispatching services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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