Solar panels maintenance services
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Solar panels maintenance services

Bog’Art Building Management can handle operations of any magnitude, including preventive and corrective maintenance of solar parks, cleaning and guarding services, and vegetative and herbicidal treatments.

Preventative maintenance comprises of a maintenance plan aimed at preventing accidental falls and failures in the PV installation’s vital parts.

Corrective maintenance refers to the technical interventions required to remedy spontaneous flaws in panels operation, as well as interventions and repairs that might appear outside of the scope of the preventive maintenance plan.


  • Regular maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) panels reduces the likelihood of system failures and expensive repairs by quickly identifying and addressing any problems with the system.
  • Constant inspections can ensure that the system’s components are working properly, lowering the possibility of safety hazards and non-compliance penalties.
  • Furthermore, appropriate maintenance performed by specialized workers in accordance with a well-established maintenance program, in terms of climatic and environmental conditions, may increase the lifetime of the solar system and ensure optimal long-term energy output.
  • By ensuring that their solar PV system is operating at peak efficiency, minimizing energy waste, and lowering their carbon footprint, organizations can achieve their environmental sustainability goals by investing in routine maintenance.

At Bog’Art Building Management we are able to meet even the most demanding client requirements, offering the following solar panels services:

A. Area maintenance services:

– maintenance of the spaces between the rows of photovoltaic panels and the access road.
– removing vegetation and weeds.
– a weekly visual inspection of the perimeter to ensure its integrity.

 B. Preventive maintenance services for solar panels and structures:

– assessing the integrity of the PV panel’s attaching and fastening system (clamps, screws, supports, etc.);
– visual inspection of panel connectors.
– visual inspection of the grounding system.
– visual inspection of the structure for stability and corrosion.
– visual inspection of AC, JT, and MV switches.
– measurement of the I-V curve of strings with values beyond the usual operating ranges.

C. Inverter and switchboard preventive maintenance services:

– visual examination for damage and dust accumulation.
– thermography of inverters and electrical connection panels.
– functional testing of alternating current switches
– inspecting the earthing installation and measuring the dispersion resistance of the earth socket; – testing the injection limitation automation systems in the network.

D. Transformative preventive maintenance services:

– ventilation installation check.
– ground leg installation check.
– post transformer sanitation.

E. Monitoring system preventive maintenance services:

– vesting of remote monitoring functions by generating random alarms.
– checking the operating parameters of the inverters.
– parameter monitoring – dispatcher.

F. Photovoltaic panel cleaning services:

– washing photovoltaic panels during March – May and September – November;

G. Security services:

– CCTVA monitoring system check, respectively Day-Night System;
– human security;


Specialized teams

The health and safety of customers has been our priority for over 20 years. We have a national covered logistics network with specialized intervention teams, which allows a fast action time to any customer request and ensures the timely remediation of the reported deficiencies.

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