Facility Management
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Facility Management

Bog’Art Building Management can help you with business operations and building maintenance with a full range of professional services.

We offer a tactical approach to being proactive in keeping your buildings in the best condition throughout their life cycle. We make sure that every aspect works correctly to create an optimal, safe and cost-effective environment for customers, guests, employees, patients or residents.

Our clients trust us to manage either independent spaces or a national portfolio of buildings and facilities, with full operational responsibility.

From long-term infrastructure planning to day-to-day services, we aim to make buildings and operations smarter, greener, safer and more efficient. We support the most demanding requirements of our customers with our complete services, including:

  1. A. Maintenance services:

    Even if the construction is complete, it does not mean that the work is completed. Bog’Art Building Management can perform operations of all sizes, from maintenance to mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical systems or general building repairs, offering a full range of building maintenance services.

    One of the keys to maintaining the costs of a low property is its proper management and maintenance. Bog’Art Building Management partners help inspect and evaluate a building with building owners and property managers to identify risks, maintenance plans, and remedies for any type of property.

    Some of the services that our technicians can provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • General maintenance issues: investigating the property to identify problems, suggesting solutions and taking immediate action;
    • Wall repairs;
    • Installation of boards;
    • Repair of doors, handles and locks;
    • Electricity and minor plumbing provided by licensed electricians and installers;
    • Welding and fabrication;
    • Light replacement / installation;
    • Security and security services;
    • Supervision of on-site staff, landscaping, care services and many other facilities to ensure satisfactory and efficient services;
    • Tasks identification and tracking.
  1. B. Professional Revisions of Technical Equipment:

    As part of complex and related construction systems, Bog’Art Building Management provides mandatory periodic inspections, including maintenance of the building’s technical equipment such as:

    • HVAC systems;
    • Electrical installations;
    • Plumbing;
    • Water pumping systems;
    • Fire detection and extinguishing systems;
    • Building access control systems;
    • Emergency evacuation systems;
    • Elevators / escalators and other equipment.

    By choosing Bog’Art Building Management Facility Management services, you ensure the proper functioning of all the equipment and technical systems of the building and you will benefit from a wide range of advantages.


    • Prevention of equipment failure and extension of their life;
    • Complete technical audit;
    • Taking responsibility for the state of operation of technical equipment;
    • Management of the operation of technical equipment.
  1. C. Fire prevention and extinguishing

    Bog’Art Building Management is a complete provider of inspection, testing and maintenance services for fire safety systems.

    Our company has a Notice for the establishment of SPSU top P1, issued by ISU Bucharest / Ilfov and we provide private services for emergency situations (SPSU), integrated with other types of services in our portfolio.

    We offer a wide range of services for the prevention and reduction of fire risks, while ensuring an operational intervention for firefighting:

    • Qualified and certified staff Bog’Art Building Management;
    • Checking all fire protection equipment: fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, smoke detectors;
    • Organization / establishment of the fire protection team.

    Your safety is our priority. We benefit from certified experts, dedicated to fire protection, with a flexible and personalized approach, adapted to your needs and budget. We offer an integrated solution through consultation, inspection, maintenance and installation of specialized equipment for:

    1. Ensure that equipment and locations comply with the latest laws and standards to avoid fines.
    2. Protect staff / employees and property using the expertise of our professionals and at the same time providing installation and maintenance assistance.
  2. D. Monitoring services

    Our performance reporting and monitoring tools and processes provide you with a continuous, high-quality maintenance service.

    Bog’Art Building Management provides you with strategic and supportive aspects throughout the activity, such as budgeting and monitoring, business continuity planning, information management and reporting. Technology and innovation help us to improve and offer the best Facility Management services.

Flexible to suit your schedule and needs.

To request an offer or additional information, please contact us at:

Bog’Art Building Management
Landline: 021 326 79 79
Mobile: +40 730 280 406
E-mail: office@bbm.ro

Specialized teams

The health and safety of customers has been our priority for over 20 years. We have a national covered logistics network with specialized intervention teams, which allows a fast action time to any customer request and ensures the timely remediation of the reported deficiencies.

Dispatching services

Flexible to suit your schedule and needs.
We offer a full range of services, adapted to your business and we provide dispatching services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Center

Emergency phone: (+40) 0735.310.908

Landline: 021 326 79 79

Mobile: +40 730 280 406

E-mail: office@bbm.ro

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