Facility Management

Bog’Art Building Management can help with your business operations and maintenance…

Property Management

Bog’Art Building Management offers you Property Management services at the highest…


Bog’Art Building Management sets standards for quality, safety and cleanliness…

Ecological cleaning

Our colors are green for a reason!

Disinsection and rodent control

Protect your business with licensed disinfection, disinsection and rodent control services…

Waste management

We offer customized garbage collection solutions that fit your needs…


Office buildings

Office cleaning gives a good first impression to your customers and visitors…


In the competitive and fast-paced world of banking and finance, it is absolutely necessary to be able to…


We spend a lot of time in our houses or apartments. It’s where we feel…

Commercial centers

Cleanliness determines customer satisfaction. Commercial centers require attention to detail…

Fitness rooms

At Bog`Art Building Management we understand how important it is to keep all areas clean…

Schools & Kindergartens

Having a clean and healthy environment for our children is the highest priority to …

About us

Bog'Art Building Management


Bog’Art Building Management offers exceptional results and pursues the highest standards of technical maintenance and real estate management, every time we cross the threshold of your business.


  • The cleaning services provided by Bog’Art Building Management SRL are performed professionally, with specialized staff and equipment appropriate to the specifics of our services.
    The response time to our requests has always been very reasonable, the professionalism and efficiency being true assets of this company.
    Thus, compared to the parameters in which the services are provided by Bog’Art Building Management SRL, the general opinion is positive.

    Pietroseanu Oana
    Director of Raiffeisen Bank Otopeni Agency
  • Bog’Art Building Management has established itself – on the specific market of Property & Facility Management Services in Romania – as a specialized company, with qualified staff and a national coverage that allows the optimal provision of services, in a very short time, but with maximum efficiency.
    The range of services provided by Bog’Art Building Management is diverse, ranging from cleaning services, to facility management services (including preventive and corrective maintenance of installations and equipment in the structure of a building) to rodent control, disinsection and snow removal services.
    The company operates according to a structure very well correlated with market requirements, applies modern procedures and technologies, which ensures quality services and a higher degree of customer satisfaction.
    For these reasons, I recommend Bog’Art Building Management services with the utmost confidence.

    Ec. Ing. Victor Catavei
    Marketing Director, SC Consult Investment SRL
  • We have collaborated very well with Bog’Art Building Management, the services provided being at a high quality standard and satisfying our requirements.
    Bog’Art Building Management staff is properly trained and equipped and optimally performs the activities required to provide these services.

    CEC BASARAB Director
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Discover the BBM branch closest to you

BBM București

Str. Teclu nr. 55, sector 3,

BBM Piatra Neamț

Str. Progresului nr. 132, bl. 132, Ap. 3,
Loc. Piatra Neamț, Jud. Neamț

BBM Târgu Mureș

Piața Trandafirilor nr. 33/3, ap. 33,
Târgu Mureș, Jud. Mureș

BBM Zalău

Str. Cerbului nr. 43,
Zalău, Jud. Sălaj

BBM Deva

B-dul Decebal bl. R, parter, Tipografia Astra,
Deva, Jud. Hunedoara

BBM Buzău

Str. DN2-E85,
Loc. Mărăcineni, Buzău

BBM Iași

Str. Constantin Langa nr. 64,
Loc. Miroslava, Jud. Iași

BBM Brașov

Blvd. Al. Vlahuță nr. 10, ITC – Spațiul D1,
Brașov, Jud. Brașov

BBM Cluj

Str. Traian Vuia nr. 208, Depozit Napotex,
Cluj Napoca, Jud. Cluj

BBM Timișoara

Str. Nicolae Firu nr. 9,
Loc. Chisoda, Jud. Timiș

  • Locatii
    • 1 BBM București
    • 2 BBM Piatra Neamț
    • 3 BBM Târgu Mureș
    • 4 BBM Zalău
    • 5 BBM Deva
    • 6 BBM Buzău
    • 7 BBM Iași
    • 8 BBM Brașov
    • 9 BBM Cluj
    • 10 BBM Timișoara
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